Chairman and MD

Prof.Lalit Chande

I am indebted to my parents, my master, teachers and friends for providing me the kind of an environment which I want for the development. I believe reading, travelling, attending seminars and meeting various mind set people as a source of learning and experience. Every one of us is gifted with some unique qualities, by providing positive environment to our thinking and feeling, the same unique qualities can be identified and put in to practice in every walk of our life and consequently life can be made a beautiful garden full of greeneries and shadow. One can not or should not wait for the miracle to be happened .The whole gardening process requires intentional efforts to update the required knowledge and skill with positive attitude and love for the available task (karma).Developmental process also requires adopting the law of nature. One can definitely find and feel these ingredients (the art of living) through our training programmes and seminars.

Learning and studying is continuous process for every one. We formally or informally, directly or indirectly learn but the same things are elapsed and fail to use at a proper time because one may or may not pass through systematic and continuous training phase. In this competitive era protecting our mood, health, fame, and wealth is not only challenging but also need substantial and honest efforts to maintain them to be happy and stress less. The story of any successful individual of any field must have pass through this success process and has taken lots of pain for making life enjoyable. It is but obvious” there is no gain without pain “. Swami Vivekanand has quoted that the “Man is the architect of his own fortune ”We, at WIN ++ACAdemy assist individual to help in achieving goal or destiny. I personally and my dynamic team of winners is committed to provide excellent training services through its training-seminars-workshops-and various scientific certificate courses which would definitely facilitate the participants and help them in using their full potential.

One can constantly feel the dynamism and innovation during any of the training sessions.

Educational, entrepreneurs and corporate people can also contact us for bringing positivity in the organization. The same positivity improves productivity and profitability and also helps in the fulfillment of the organizational vision.

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